Fathoms Plus Shellfish Trap

More Catch, More Profit, Less Maintenance

Since our establishment in 1975 we have sold over 500,000 Traps to the fishing industry. Our trap has been used under all conditions and in every geographical area in the world. Government agencies and Universities alike, in countless studies, have rated it as the Most Effective Shellfish Trap Produced.

Plastic Makes Perfect.

High density, high impact polyethylene construction makes the TRAP almost maintenance free. There is no nailing, scraping or dipping required. It can’t rust, won’t rot and resists marine growth. It’s the perfect TRAP for rough weather and is guaranteed to withstand the stress and strain of many highly productive seasons.
Fathoms Plus Shellfish Trap

Catching Crab In Chile

After years of intensive research, development and testing. Fathoms Plus has Produced the most efficient trap ever manufactured for the shrimp, lobster and crab industry, worldwide.

Fathom Plus Shellfish Trap

Used By Fisherman Worldwide

Fathom Plus Shellfish TrapIn addition to having been used by every commercial lobster boat in Hawaii, fishermen throughout North and South America, New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East, and Central America continue to report abundant catches proving repeatedly that the Fathoms Plus TRAP is a more productive way to harvest shellfish.

Traps Stack Easily

Here are TEN of our TRAPS compared to 5 wire traps. The Fathoms Plus TRAP is the only trap which opens up quickly into two identical halves for easy stacking. NO need to remove weights. NO disassembly. To stack, one fits completely inside another. This sturdy, self-securing system is especially convenient when underway.

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