§180.2. Trap Destruction Devices.
Pursuant to the provisions of §9003 of the Fish and Game Code, every trap used to take finfish, mollusks, or crustaceans shall contain at least one destruction device that complies with the specifications described in this Section. The use of any structures or materials that defeat or interfere with the purpose of the destruct device is prohibited.
(a) Escape openings.
(1) Each trap destruct device shall create an unobstructed escape opening in the top or upper half of the trap of at least 5 inches in diameter when the destruct attachment material corrodes or fails, except for traps used under authority of a Tanner Crab Trap Vessel Permit.
(2) Traps used under authority of a Tanner Crab Trap Vessel Permit shall have an unobstructed escape opening in any sidewall or on the top of the trap; the escape opening shall not be on the floor of the trap. The opening shall measure not less than 11 inches taken at its smallest inside diameter. If the opening is non–rigid or contained within pliable mesh, the smallest inside diameter measurement shall be taken so that a rigid cylindrical measuring device 11 inches in its outside diameter and at least 6.5 inches in length shall be able to pass easily through the opening.
(b) The escape opening on each trap must be closed with one of the following destruct attachment materials:
(1) 14 gauge (.080 + or – .003 inch) or smaller metal hog rings excluding stainless steel or other non–corrodible materials;
(2) untreated cotton twine size No. 21– thread or less, except that traps used to take Dungeness, Tanner or rock crabs are limited to a single strand of untreated cotton twine size No. 120 or less;
(3) 24 gauge (.028 + or – .003 inch) or smaller un-coated bare metal crimps excluding stainless steel or other non–corrodible materials;
(4) magnesium pins not larger than one–quarter (.25) inch in diameter which may be used to hold together each half of plastic or fiberglass traps or may be used to attach the lid or door; or
(5) The use of rubber straps attached to metal or plastic hooks with a single loop of untreated cotton twine size No. 120 or less may be used to close the trap provided they are attached in such a manner as to aid the destruct process. The use of any rubber strap or non–corrosive material that defeats or interferes
with the purpose of the destruct panel is prohibited.

High density, high impact polyethylene construction makes the Fathoms Plus Trap almost maintenance free. There is no nailing, scraping or dipping required. The Fathoms Plus Trap can't rust, won't rot and resists marine growth. It is the perfect trap for rough weather and is strong enough to withstand the stress and stain of many highly productive seasons.



*Molded into the trap are two funnel entrances with an opening gate of 12" diameter tapering to a sealed inter opening approximately 5x8". (this entrance must be cut open to allow species access, and can be modified for use with many different species such as crab, shrimp or lobster.

**Molded into the Trap are escape rings that are reinforced allowing modification to meet local, state, or country Department of Fish and Game regulations. Check with your local authorities for requirements.

*** Lead weights are recommended

At least 10 pounds of weight evenly spaced on each side of the Trap for a total weight of at least 20 pounds  has been tested as most effective.


Ten strong yet light weight Fathoms Plus Traps stacked weigh 110 lbs., stand 45" high and occupy approximately the same cubic space as 2 conventional traps. Yet baited and in the water there is as much space inside our trap as any other. The traps patented shape allows them to nestle together allowing you to carry 5 times the traps on-board resulting in more productivity.




CA DFW 2017


The Fathoms Plus Trap is contoured to take advantage of the natural actions of shellfish. Entrances are accessible from any approach within a 180 degree radius, so entry for the catch is much easier. Regular box traps tend to hinder the catch by requiring the species to search for entry in a manner contrary to natural behavior.

Escape Ports have been custom molded into the body of the Trap for modification and ease of complying with your local DFG regulations.

For your reference, this is what is stated word for word in the regulations Section 180.2 of the Title 14, California Code of Regulations that specifically addresses destruct device requirements with the areas of concern in bold.

Our traps are sold world wide, having 3 sizes of escape rings reinforced and molded into the trap to assist our customers in complying with their local regulations. We recommend always contacting your local officials for the current existing rules in your state and country.


Each trap assembly is 41x32x14 inches

Included in purchase of 1 complete trap are:

2 Bait Containers each 4" in diameter, 12 inches long. The bait containers snap into the trap with a patented locking mechanism allowing easy assembly and additional rigidity to the Trap.

2 Plastic Hinge Pins (Note: depending upon DFG regulations in your area, a degradable destruct device may be required. Magnesium pins with 8-10 week deterioration time are available at extra charge)

2 Patented Plastic Locking Plates